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Remember that one time when you were playing on the guitar and I was playing on the bass for a few hours?

Yeah, that was pretty cool.
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The setup (we need this)

The game plan as of now: since Rob and I cannot find anyone with any reletive talent to play with, I will travel to NYC and ask all the ex-2 Skinnee J's members to join Project: Athens. Rob and I can stand on stage and look cool while the rest of 'em rock out.

It could work, right?
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I fully endorse the new Black Eyed Peas cd, Elephunk. You are all fools for not having heard it yet, if that is the case.

Best mix of rock and rap I have heard...since a while ago.

On your marks...

Recording has begun. Since we don't have to pay a dime for studio time(because we aren't recording in a studio) we can take as long as we want to do our tracks. J and I are collaborating useing n-Track Studio for anyone who is wondering. It's a simple program for our simple minds, and affords us relativly good quality which we will not complain about because real studio time is by the hour.

Today I hope to finish recording the guitar track to a solo song I wrote that will no doubt become something that the band does. The lyrics aren't even done, and I still have to write a nice bluesy solo, which may or may not work out appropriately. Then to try to record a vocal track that doesn't sound like Fran Dresher.

end transmission
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First post

This community is dedicated to providing news pertaining to Project: Athens and so people can post about new and exciting music. If you plan to post about other bands, please give more information than just a name and link to an mp3 or something. I personally like to know a little bit about who I'm listening to.

Greets to all, anyone that wants to be a member can be. Everyone can have posting access unless they start acting the fool.